Whatsoever ye ask the Father in my name it shall be given unto you, that is expedient for you.

Well as for my title, there will follow some explanation, but I now have a certain knowledge that it is possible to ask for everything regarding to my biggest dream ever. Just yesterday evening I asked for an answer, and this morning there was a mail in my mailbox. Not with the entire answer, but some of it. I was reading in Doctrine and Coveants 88: 63-64 for todays lesson.

In the last week we took care of Robin, my old Norwegian, he was so sweet. I still was allowed to do everything to him, and he was nice to Hannah as well.

Hannah is in a phase of her life where she says no to almost anything,. When I ask her if she is hungry she says no, are you tired... noooo, oh, do you wanna new diaper, no and she hurrys into her room. Then I take her and she still says no and then put her self to lay down on the floor. I ask her, you say no to everything, eh ? NO she says *HA HA* Oh well, if I ask her if she wants a cracker she can take her hand out and point to the drawer. So we will be there, someday.
The other day I spoke English the entire day, and yes she WILL inheritate my bad grammar. But I was supriced that she understood all I said, or almost everything, one time I had to show her what the garbage meant, and now she knows that too.

Well I have signed up for a course in English, I would like to take am IELTS this summer, so I found a preparation course for that, every friday evening and Saturday morning for 2 months during the spring/summer, but hopefully you will also notice if I get better here on this site :)

The first snow this year came last night, I got a picture of Hannah, not much - but it's there.