Magic Kingdom

Today we went to Magic Kingdom at Disney World, as usually the atmosphere was there instantly , and not like Universal, something to look after. It was a lot like Disneyland Paris, but bigger and with some other attractions. We tried different things, saw a 3D Mickey show, and off course the Main Street Disney Parade.
Hannah didn't get much sleep, think only an hour this afternoon, she was really enjoying the rides she was on, and she liked the music which was playing all the time.

We left the park around 8 o'clock and went for some late dinner.Hannah fell a sleep in the car, and slept through our whole meal (in her stroller of course) and then afterwards she continued sleeping while we went to Ben&Jerrys at International Drive where I had a coupon which said, buy one, get one free *laughing* had to use that coupon.

HC and I almost considered joining the Disney Vacation Club. It's Disney kind of Timeshare, only that they have deals with hotels, studios and appartments all over the world and off course their own resorts located at the Disneyparks. Membership is valid for 49 years, and it can be transfered to kids and grandkids, only thing is that it is $16.640 and with an annual fee of $740. We actually thought about it for a moment, we would have to say that it was an investment for the future, which would cost us approximately DKK1500 each month. And for now, it's just to much money. We didn't go to the demonstration, but for what we could understand, that would guarantee us a "free" vacation at one of the destinations each year in 1-2 weeks. Well, then we wouldn't have to think so much about THAT holiday budget, only how to get to the destination, but still, we would be able to travel a lot for the same amount of money, and also be able to stay at the disneyresorts. If we were guaranteed VIP passes on every visit to a Disney theme park, MAYBE that would make us decide, but well. Not this year, even though our grandchildren maybe would have loved it *laughing*

Tomorrow we will go to see some shows in Universal and Adventure Island before heading up north. Where we will be in 24 hours is unknown, I think we will drive as long as we can, it would be nice to be in the north of South Carolina, or even better, Virginia, lets see, it's a looong ride.