Leaving for Vegas

Today Isabel is arriving from Denmark, actually in this minute Patricia is at the airport picking her up, I can’t wait to see her.
We will drive to Vegas this afternoon, and have book a hotel room at Circus Circus, which located in the north end at The Strip. I have only been on the South Strip, so I hope we can go and see the Venetian which I really would like to see.
Tomorrow we will drive down to the Premium Outlet, have printed out tons of Coupons, but I don’t plan on buying everything.
We will then drive to Anaheim in the evening and go to Disneyland Friday, YAY.

It will be so fun driving with these to gals, I won’t even think about that in two weeks, they are both back in Denmark, whoops, I did it, I thought about it, well it will not happen again :)

Next week I have my American Heritage Exam, I don’t even think it will help me that it is curved, but oh well, we must see how things will turn out. I also have an exam in my Human Development class next week, I can’t believe that I have a test in that course so soon, I hope I can have time to read for both exams. I know which one I wanna do best in, that’s for sure.
Oh yeah, and today I also was told that we have a written assignment in my LDS Marriage and Family class, and I should write about an attribute that will make me a better spouse/parent. And I can’t use patient when Hannah is laughing at me when she is not doing what she was supposed too, because that depends more on Hannah than me, oh MAN, I have no idea.

Patricia redecorated my family room, it looks SO good now. We bought some black blankets for the couch, and a white coffee table, and Patricia also a playing corner for Hannah, it looks great, and I got my stuff up, and the PS3 and the Wii is working, so that is way cool.

Patricia, thank you so much for your help around the house, and with Hannah, you’re the best !