Murphy's law

The morning started pretty good, I woke up took Hannah in the bathtub with me and started packing.
When we went down in the reception HC couldn't find his "carpass", it is the pass which tell the parking spot which car is ours and where they put it, it was also the card that our hotel should stamp so we could get a discount of $10 (meaning $27 instead $37 for 24 hour parking)
Well he went down there, and talked to them, and Hannah and I stayed with all the luggage. When he got back we decided to drive to see Ground Zero before heading of to New Jersey.
We went to see Ground Zero, a big whole in the ground and a lot of machines. We would like to stop, to get a sight instead of just driving through, our GPS told us to turn left, but there was road work, so instead we went to Brooklyn, and had to pay toll for that trip. It was oki, it was $1 to go into Brooklyn, but $8!!! to get back into Manhattan again. We decided to head of to Atlantic City, could be nice to be there early, and it was only about 11am, so we drove out of the New York, and went about 15 minutes pass Newark Intl airport when HC asked me.... Mette, did we remember the medicine of yours.
CRAP, NO, and I talked to the guy in the reception about it earlier when HC was getting our car, so we had to drive back again. It took about 1 hour, I slept a bit, so did Hannah and we got my medicine.
Well, it was lunch time, 1 pm and we talked about going to Central Park for lunch, so we did.... OR we tried. HC saw a Parking Spot right outside of Central Park and maybe slowed down, he wasn't driving very fast in the city because people just drives like crazy. Well, they still did, because out of the blue a car rushed pass us, or should I say bumped into us !! His mirror in the site fell of, and our side was totally broken, when HC opened the door after the accident it sounded like the door was falling of *sigh*. We had to wait for the police to come and make a police report. The guy who drove into us, didn't say much, he knew it was his fault we guess, he also had passed a double line in the inner city, and somehow I think that is not allowed in the US as well :-)
Well, we waited and waited, when the police came Hannah and I walked to the shadow and bought us a hotdog, and then we went to Central Park with HC who talked to the car rental, and they told us just to come in and deliver our car to them, and we could have a new one. Of course it was the opposite way from NJ, but we needed a new car, this one could hardly drive.
And so we waited again...... The good thing was, now we got a car with build in DVD to the backseat, and a camera showing you the back from you car when you park :-) AND the radio has Satellite radio, so we have a tons of station to listen to. For example an Elvis Presley channel, a Frank Sinatra, the 70's, the 80's, and of course a Disney Channel.

We arrived at Resort Casino and Spa, our hotel in Atlantic City around 8 o'clock. They were very nice, told us we could have the room untill 2 pm tomorrow, so there we will enjoy our Jacuzzi :-)

Hannah is not allowed in the gambling area, so we went for a walk on the boardwalk, bought some stuff at Victoria Secret, ate a bite in a retro café and I tried the machines while HC went to tuck in Hannah. Of course I didn't win anything, but now HC is down at the tables, and I hope he come backs with the big Jackpot, buuuut if he doesn't well, he will have to explain what went wrong *hahaha*

Well, tomorrow we will be heading down south, where we end up is yet unknown. But HC needs some tights, he ain't got any after tomorrow, and I refuse to drop by Wall-mart to make a good deal :-)