So, I signed up for "" a place where I can type in what I eat and then be able to see how many KCAL there are in my food. I can also type in my workout, and the program will recalculate my daily amount of KCAL. Well, I decided that I should be able to eat 1000 KCAL a day, then I maybe could loose some weight. Hmmmm, it didn't do well, this week. Well, my food is oki, but when Icecream or the Danish which just out of nowhere jumps into my mouth then I eat too much. DARN !! I really need to pull myself together. I hereby admit - I'm a Foodaholic :p

Well, I am still going strong with the Aqua spinning, I even tried to find a place in UT where I can do that, but no luck, maybe they just don't have it, I hope I can find it a place, I really like it. Oki, I like the water-aerobics the best, but I think that spinning is better for me to loose weight and inches with :-)

Yesterday I had "Burdie" and "Lily" visiting me for lunch, we had a great time, unfortunately they had to leave for Aalborg and I had to go to work. Burton and I talked about going on a roadtrip to Disneyland around Labor-day, that could be so much fun. I know that I will go this fall, for SURE, I looooove Disney :-)