Raven girl

Thursday we went to Universal in the morning, had some shows we wanted to see and also wanted to try the ride "The cat in the hat" we went to the "cat-ride" and just went it finished it started raining. A LOT, we waited for half an hour but it didn't stop, so we decided that the shows we wanted to see wasn't that important, and we wanted to leave Florida.
We drove for about 8 hours, just north the boarder in North Carolina, stayed at a motel for the night and the next morning we left for Washington DC. We arrived in DC about 4 o'clock, went to see the monument and the statue of Abraham Lincoln. We walked around for some hours, and decided to leave DC and finding a motel near Bel Air. I was in Bel Air on my last visit to the states so thought it could be nice. Found a Super 8 motel in Aberdeen, just 5 minutes from Bel Air and have spend the last 2 nights here. Yesterday we went for Bel Air in the morning and in the afternoon we drove up to Baltimore, walked around the inner Harbor, enjoyed it was a nice weather, and off course bought Hannah a Raven cheerleader dress. She has to be a real Baltimore girl. Actually we also bought her a set of Baseball cloth from the local club.

Today we will be going to Lancaster Pennsylvania, and maybe we will even see some Amish people there.