Universal Studio

Went to Universal, had bought tickets for both parks for 2 days "only" $99 - 1 day both parks are $83. We thought we would skip Magic Kingdom this year, but NO, just love Disney to much. Well, Universal got some good rides, but it's really nothing compared to Disney- Well, I'm not into the shows, and half of the "rides" in Universal are shows, the rest are thrills.
We tried some good things, but had to go separately, even the kiddy rides was to "big" for Hannah. In Disney there is a lot for her to see and try, so think that will be better.
One great thing did we see in Universal, and the was the Barney show. Hannah was soooo happy, you really could see that she recognized his songs and himself. She was clapping and rocking to the music, so that was really great.
We bought something called a meal deal, for $25.99 we could eat all we wanted from 9 different restaurants in the 2 parks and for $8.99 we could also drink as much as we wanted. So I think we had over a gallon of soda each (Hannah had to split with us) and we had to eat something at every place possible, you know...now we paid for it, then we HAVE to eat. I really think we overdid it, oki we both agreed in, we overdid it BIG TIME.
The last visits we didn't want dessert, instead we had a cookie, so I think we have 8 cookies here at the hotelroom now. You now, maybe I am size 6, but I'm to afraid to get on the weight when I get back home, don't think it looks to good :-)