15 C (59 F) WUHUUU it's springtime !

I just love spring, Oki I know I wrote that before, but I really do, and today we have the nicest weather.
HC is starting School, Aarhus University, he will take the classes from the web, but 5-6 times pr year he will have to go to a seminar at the university, first seminar is this Saturday. What will he study, some computer stuff, software construction, developer something. HAHA, sounds interesting, huh ?

Well, I am just enjoying spring in Denmark. and the summer. I have a lot of things going on now, personal and business, but that is not to be written here. At least not yet.

Next week Hannah will be two years old, I will try to bake a chocolate cake with white frosting, however I am not sure of the frosting yet. One thing is for sure, I will not make the typical Danish "Lagkage" that is just not good.
When I'm done with my project, "birthday cake" I will show you a picture.

I was wondering, how many people are reading my blog ??
Write a comment, say hi and just tell me if there is anything else you want me to write about. It's oki if the comment is in Danish, I still speak Danish....at least a little bit, or a lot, like 85% of the time *laughing*