Shopping is my cardio

page4_blog_entry4_1 ??? I was thinking of buying yet another domain, in my tech life 4 personal domains just isn’t enough. But unfortunately the .com was taken. Now what - well I don’t know, I think if I need to buy a new domain, it should reflect a new style, and a new way of writing my blog, or should it contain a blog, well I don’t know. Thursday I saw Amalie after her 1 year shot, she was doing fine then, but afterwards she was sick, luckily she is doing better and tomorrow we are looking forward to celebrating her, 1 year already, I can remember her from the hospital when she was born, so tiny :-) page4_blog_entry4_2Hannah and Amalie on vacation to Tenerife, December 2007 Today I am working, and later I will go see Christina, Lars, and their little baby on the 4D video which was recorded just before they went to Spain.