Yeah, we went to Hooters for lunch today, actually it was my idea, not HC or Hans' - I have been told that when I call him HC it sounds like "horsie" *laughing* så maybe I should start calling him Hans from now on ?
I had a coupon, so we got a 20% discounts on the bill. I have been pretty good finding coupons, laughing, but I haven't found any for disneyworld, grrrrr.
We are taking it easy today, just went a little shopping (of course, that really is my cardio) and then we went for a swim in the pool. Actually I didn't make it to more than to my knees, it was 7 o'clock and the water was to cold, so I went in the outdoor spar instead :-)
Now HC is doing some more laundry, Hannah is sleeping and when he is back we're gonna have Rootbeer and Vanilla Ice Cream, yummy.