Abominable Snowman

Abominable Snowman:
I really think that's what Hannah thought she saw today at the nursery !


She was looking at the snowman, then she touched his nose, and couldn't understand what on earth that carrot was doing there, it was SO fun to observe.
I think I would like her to try out figure skating in the fall, oki there probably won't be any figure about it at first, but think that could be cool for her to do something fun. I also thought about dance classes, but well - she will probably change it like 117 times herself, so it won't matter what path I choose for her, well as long as she will be a dentist when she grows up *laughing*

I also visited Christina today, it was so good to see her and Marius, he is getting SO big, he is 11 weeks and is only 4 kg from reaching Hannah's weight - CRAZY - but gosh he is adorable :)