Gotta work on that

So I have been blogging locally on my computer through the fall, but my document is damaged, and Rapid Weaver shuts down when I try to open my site. Well, I will see to find a way to repair the file, I am sure it will be possible, so just be patient.

Today was last day of class, next weeks are final week, I should have had five finals, but since I am skipping my American Heritage for this semester (I have been, since October, it was just too much time I had to spend on that class, and beeing alone with Hannah and she had a bad start in the Kindercare, well, it just didn't work out), I am gonna retake that course in the fall, so I know what I am gonna do for the whole summer. Well, I have four exams, or finals if you will. I will take them Monday thorugh Thursday, and then I won't have another class until January, that's gonna be great.

Yesterday I went out with the Relief Society, I kinda didn't wanted to go, mostly because of Hannah, but I am just too tired lately. Well, this lady called me (sorry, can't remember her name :)) she said that she was my ride, and I was just, ahrmmm, I am not going, don't have a babysitter for Hannah, and she was just, well, I would love to meet you and my daughter would love to play with her, I tried again, ahrmmmm, my daughter will probably not like that, the lady in the phone said.... Well, let's try it out, I REALLY think you should, I will pick you up at six and then we will go to my house and see how your daughter reacts. Well I guess I was going to the thing then, hahaha :) 
Oki, Hannah loved playing with Kate (9 year old), and I had a great time, met some great new people, and got to talk to some of the people I already knew, but with more talking time than we have in church each week, so that was nice. HC, Hannah and I are actually invited home to someone for Christmas Eve, WOW, that's gotta be so much fun, I said that I will make Ris A'la'Mande, so I better go out and get an "Almond present" as well.

This upcomming Saturday I am going with Majbrit and her girls to a Danish Christmas party in Salt Lake, I am sure that will be a lot of fun, and I will have Danish food, ooooh I miss the Danish food. :) Hannah will be able to meet Santa, but she is still really afraid of the figures in Disneyland, and when we saw Santa in a mall a day, she didn't wanted to go to him either. Any suggestions ???

HC is comming over next Thursday, we will go to Southern California and Las Vegas, that's gonne be so much fun, I am thinking that we need to go to Magic Mountain, I would love to try out the crazy and wild rides, but well, don't know yet, even though that could be fun,  I just don't know if I wanna spend an entire day there, oh well, guess we will find out what we're gonna do. We will probably stay in Long Beach (LA), I haven't been there, but I would like to check it out, and it is cheaper than Santa Monica, which also counts for something.

Have a Merry Christmas, and remeber to tell the children why we are having Christmas, it is not all about the presents, even though they are nice *lol*