page4_blog_entry6_1 A hectic week has ended, and we are finaly ON VACATION !! Sitting in the boarding area, gate 39 leaving for Newark, Int. airport United States. Weeeeeeeeee Yesterday I took a little trip to the hospital to get 2ml of Diprospan (cortison) so I could walk on the vacation, I woke up yesterday morning, and could hardly get it to the kitchen to have some painkilliers, my feet were killing me. But thank G.... the hospital would help, and the good thing is that the medicin, did not only help my feet, but also my jaws, so now I am looking forward to a BIG and JUiCY steak in New York City. Hannah is sleeping and we are leaving in half an hour, that is SO great. I found a D&G bikini for Hannah 50% off, so I just had to buy it, now she is gonna look like a true princess in the pool :-) Well that's it for now Take care, and we will write again later. Please be aware of that if you have to call us, to use HC's phonenumber +4529431865 WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE