Manhattan same size than Copenhagen ?? Guess again !

Oki, I thought that living 20 meters from Broadway was innter city, I was wrong, Manhattan is SOOO big, it's really really a BIIIIG apple :-)

Hannah woke up at 5 am, we took her to our bed, and for about 10 min I though, YES, it's working, we can continue sleep, but wrong again.
We went for breakfast at the local dinner at 7.30, and at 8.30 we was heading up broadway, needed to find a certain store.
New York, is an amazing city, please notice on almost all the pictures we have taken in the city there are so many trees all over the place, that's really something.

Well, what did we do today ? Well we walked a lot, and we drove caps way to much, but with Hannah in the stroller and me not able to carry her down stairs we couldn't figure out how to get around. Yellowcaps are there for you, and they are not as cheap as we have been told, but off course the gas also isn't cheap here.
We had a lot of shopping todo today, and we watched all the pretty skylines, we didn't go to Empire State building or Rockerfeller, just can't find the time for all we wanna do.

We went to see the Flagship store with Abercrombie and Fitch, WOW, you had to stand in line just to get in. In the entrance a guy or should I say "Mr. Hottie" welcomed the ones who ran, and I really mean RAN over to him, to touch his naked stomach, we didn't ran, or I didn't but HC and Hannah did after 5 minutes in the store. The music was so loud that Hannah AND her daddy didn't want to be there, so I had to go look around for my self :-)

We had supper at Broadway, Westside, not cheap and a bit borring food, I mean, when I get a baked potato I want butter with taste in or some other stuff, not just a baked potato :-)

Hannah is finally asleep after a long strugle, and HC is reading, think he is very happy to be back at the hotel.