Dataw Island

Arrived at Biddie and Bill around 1 o'clock, had a bite to eat and when we put Hannah down for a nap, Bill showed HC and I the Island. WOW, it is beautiful down here, when look around you see places you only see on movies. Actually, Forrest Gump and GI Jane was taped in these sumps, well not ON this island, but just 5 minutes away.
It is important here that the doggie and the kitty-cat stays INSIDE the house, if not, they will make a fine dinner for Mr Alligator.
I also saw some alligators, and you should be able to see him on some of the pictures. The nature here is wonderful, I don't think I could stay here for good, you know, for a place to live and raise Hannah, I need the city closer, but I could definitely see my self coming down here often, it is sooooo pretty.
After Hannah's nap Biddie took us to the Atlantic Ocean, it was Hannah's first time at the beach, she LOVED it, to think that if have been in luck we could have seen the dolphins out here. Can't imagine what it must be to live a place where you have Alligator in the backyard, and after a 5 minutes drive you can see "Flipper"

Tomorrow we will head off to Orlando, it should be 5 hours from here, we are thinking of asking the
Royal Plaza if they have room for us a night more than ordered, it would be nice just to get all our things in the room tomorrow, and then we could take it easy monday, see the city, buying our tickets for both Universal and Magic Kingdom.
When Hannah is older we must take 2 weeks just in Florida, one week in Orlando and 1 week ind Miami, woops, sorry, then we have to take 3 weeks, we have to go back to this place, it's like a dream, you don't think it exists anywhere else than in your mind.