Lancaster and goodbye US

So we went to Lancaster, it's really away from anything. Oki, that's not true, they have a big outlet shop (No, I did not buy anything), starbucks coffee, Burger King, well you name it. But still, going here is really make you feel you're on the country, and we saw a lot of the amish. They don't like to have their pictures taken, so I only took one from the car.

For lunch we went to a place in Lancaster called Millers, they served lunch from noon, and when we went there 11.40 they line was already started. People from all over went to this place for lunch and dinner, and we can understand why, it is REALLY good. And there is all kind of stuff, soups, salads, bread, chease, meat, desserts and well, you name it and they got it. For the price $21.95 :-)

We went to a city 10 miles away to a playground for Hannah, it was really great, and she had a blast. We ran into the city gettogether with live music, and homemade hamburgers for just $2. It was fun to be a part of, and the weather was great and we looked at all the old cars people drove in.

Well, tomorrow we will be leaving for Newark, there is 145 miles there, but we will have to drive for a while before we hit the interstate for New York I think. Tuesday morning we wll be back in Denmark, and Wednesday we will be back at Work.

This vacation has been GREAT, I really love the states, and HC does too. I have wanted to get back here ever since my first visit in '95. And I think my favorite places will be
For peace, quiet and the best company - Dataw Island with Biddie and Bill, I just LOVED their island and their home has been build so wonderfull.
For rides and amusements, Disneyworld, would love to visit epoct and animal kingdom, but Orlando is really like any other tourist city in Southern europe
The city, well New York is pretty cool, but don't wanna stay their for too long, it's just to dirty, nooooo Baltimore is my city, I have the harbor so I can still feel I am close to the oooooocean, and the Skylines so I can look in the sky and see the reflections of the sun in the buildings, and well the atmosphere. In my next visit I will definitely go to see and Orioles game :-)

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. It will continue with the boring stuff from our lives back in Denmark. NOT looking forward to returning, and NOT looking forward to the long and grey autumn/winter we will have.