Driving and eating

A friend asked me, do you do anything else than eating and driving.... hmmm, I didn't answer that, eating has been our highlights the last couple of days, and driving, well, if we're gonna drive 4500 km on 15 days there will of course be a lot of driving.
This morning I found a travel lodge motel online and booked it, only $45, it has free wireless and also a pool. Refrigerator, microwave, bath and tv are in all motels I think :-) We drove about 550 km down here, and we must say that we thought the heat was good in NYC, well - here in South Carolina it's about 40 degrees in the daytime, so the pool was very nice, and Hannah of course loved it.

We went out to see if there was anything to look at in the city (Florence) we didn't find it, there were 2 drive inn restaurants, HC didn't want to stop so I could take a picture of it, but really !!! Cars were holding in lines, like tables at a real restaurant and they had a tray to their windows, after eating they could drive on, wonder if they ever get out of their cars, maybe they have a toilet in there too *hahaha* Well, HC said we could try one of those drive inn places some day, but if I am gonna eat "out" it will not be by sitting in the car, thats for sure :-)

We found a nice place to eat, see here's the eating thing again, and we met some of the people from the motel's pool we talked to earlier. They are from Newark, born and raised in the US, the gave us their card and asked us to give them a call if we came to the states again. Ooooh, I LOVE the americans, they are so much nicer than the danes. Everyone is so polite, and yes, some may be a habit, but I think it's good, gives you a chance to get to know some more people, and well. I have always been, and still is, in love with the states, so simple is that *lol*
Sometimes I wonder, if I didn't listened to my teacher in singing back in '95, would I then have moved to the states the year after as it was planned, and would I have stayed ? Well, it's a good thing I didn't I would never have met HC and gave birth to Hannah :-) But sometimes it's oki just to think of what might could have happened.

Tomorrow we are leaving around 8'ish and going down to Biddie and Bill, looking so much forward to seeing them again, it has been 7 or 8 years now I think.