Snow on the mountain, I guess fall is here to stay.

I know it has been a long time since I last updated my blog, but here I am, back and ready to Blog - Blog - Blog.

In july HC, Hannah, Isabel, Morten and myself went to Paris for a week. It was great the weather was nice the company was great and we all had a blast. We had a couple of days in Disneyland, for the first time I went sailing on Seinen, and we went to see Notre Dame. Well, we saw a lot, had great food and well, it was the perfect vacation.

The week after Hannah and I left for Utah, US. We moved into our new home the day after we arrived but not until one week ago we got our shipment, so I must say it took some time to get here, I am trying to figure out where to put things and make it feel more like home.

What have we been up too, well the majority of you already know from my Facebook profile what we have been doing, almost from day to day. When we got our car, a ’99 Toyota Camry, Hannah and I drove to California. We walked around at Rodeo Drive, ate at a dinner in Beverly Hills and drove down to Anaheim where I had booked us a nice hotel. We went to Disneyland, got a premium Annual Pass, now that we’re “so close” (10 hour drive :)).
We drove back the day after Disneyland, shopped a bit in the Premium Outlet in Las Vegas, and went to see The Strip. Found a hotel, which is cheap in Vegas during the weekdays, only $15.46. We had to be back to Thursday Evening, because that was the day Mandi got home from her mission in Denmark, and I have promised her family, AND I wanted to be there to welcome her home. That was great seeing her again, at this site of the ocean.
In the weekend we (Shelley, Brad, Mar, Ang, Hannah and I) drove to Idaho and visited both Brads parents and Shelleys parents, that was great, and Sunday we went to Mandi’s homecoming.
School started the 27th of August, and OH MY HECK !! It is SO different from any Danish school I have ever been too. Well, the students and teachers are all awesome, the buildings and the facilities are great, but these people have tests and exams all the time. Since I didn’t realize that until 2 weeks before the first set of exams I felt a hugh pressure, and at one time I was ready to run back home and just study in good old Denmark.
Well, I survived, and I think I will survive, as HC told me - as long as I know the stuff it wouldn’t be a problem with all the tests, haha, he is so clever :)
Hannah started in Kindercare’s Discovery Pre school, but she didn’t like it there, I don’t know what the problem was, I guess they needed to show the children LOVE, because the facilities was good, the employers were nice and the children was nice. However, Hannah cried everytime we got there, and when I picked her up she ran towards me with tears in her eyes. I gave them our 2 week notice, and took her out. Patricia is here from Denmark, so she took care of Hannah all last week, and today Hannah started in a daycare. It’s in a private home, and I could just sense in Hannah that she would love this place, so I hope I am right.

Well, Patricia came 1.5 weeks ago we have been to two football games, BYU won both times *YAY* and Patricia put together Hannah’s shelves, thank you, how can I ever survive without you.
Isabel, is coming Wednesday, Patricia will pick her up in the airport, and then we’re all going to Las Vegas. We will find a good hotel near the Strip and Thursday we will go to California.
Since I have an exam next week in American Heritage I need to study some on the trip, don’t know yet how I will do that, but maybe it will all work out.

I love it here, I love my friends, I love BYU and I LOVE the mountains.