Countdown 2 days left

I don't ever think I have been more stressed about a test than the test I will do this Saturday, when I think about I don't even think I was feeling this bad when I took my test in Java Programming. Oh well, I know I will be able to take it again, but it will delay my plans with 6 months, maybe even more, and honestly I don't want that, I want to pass the test NOW :-)

Enough about me, Hannah is doing great, well actually I was asked to pick her up from the nursery a couple of hours ago, but really, she seems fine. She is doing the puzzles. If any of you have some good examples for something that I can get her I would really appreciate it. She is just to quick to the regular baby puzzles. However, it will need to made of wood or maybe plastic since she likes to ruin all of her paperbooks at the moment. :-(


Feb. 13 2009, Hannah is doing her puzzles for the first time since Christmas


Feb 14 2009
Hannah is doing two puzzles at a time, one is just to boring.


Feb 14 2009 (Evening)
Hannah is doing a bigger puzzles with help from Lene


Feb 19 2009, lets try with three puzzles


Feb 19 2009. YAY I did it !

Oki, as you can see we need something in between from the 24 puzzle and the baby puzzle :-)