A snack at 3 am

Hannah was an angel, she slept for 3 hours on the plane, she ate the yummi meatballs she had for lunch, and later on a sandwhich. Our food was oki, but not thaaat great ;-) While Hannah was sleeping I saw Enemy of the State, had seen it before, but was afraid Hannah might wake up in the middle of a good movie :-)

When we landed 3 pm, local time, Hannah was tired, we was in line for passport control for about an hour, and Hannah just walked around (she got a babyline so she can't escape) and in between she lay down at the floor, telling us that she was tires, but not ONE scream, cry or anything.
We went to get the car, and major Chrysler, I will upload some pictures of it later.
Hannah fell asleep in the car back to our hotel, oh well, we was at the hotel about 6.30 pm and from there and till now 10.30 pm she hasn't been sleeping once. So there for my title, a snack at 3 am, since we went out for dinner at danish hours 3 am, and Hannah, charming as allways.
The food was Mexican, and HC said, this is the BEST Mexican food, I have EVER had, and I must agree that it was very good. The drinks were expensive though, 10 bucks piece, the bar next door had happy hour for 5 dollars. Next time we will ask for the price before we order.

Well that was a lot about Hannah, but we were very impressed by her, lets see if she is a good tommorow :-)

NYC is GREAT, I already fell in love with the city, I can't wait to explore more of it, and actually I could think of a vacation JUST for NYC when the flight tickets is cheap in fall or autumn *laughing*

Well, it's late, 4.30 danish hours, so I really need to get some sleep, tomorrow we have a lot of things we wanna see.

AND, my cell works, so you an write, but maybe I will answer you from HC's cell