The Temple in Copenhagen

Yesterday I visited the temple for the first time. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to come back soon. When I was there I felt that I could spend a lot of time there, maybe not now, but later in my life.....maybe :-)


Tomorrow Isabel and Morten will visit for the weekend. Saturday they will go to Mortens brother, so I guess they want to visit the old couple first, I hope we can show them that we are WAY fun, and not old an boring. OOOOOH, I really hope I can stay awake, HAHA.

I totally forgot, took Hannah (and her daadaa) swimming last Satuerday, it was way fun, but WOW I was SO tired, went home and took a nap with Hannah.
Saturday evening we went to Sanne and Jens, we had the best time, in Danish I would use the term HYGGELIGT, but guess the English language are short in terms *laughing* - or as Maja says, the English language does not have a term that covers it completely.

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