A big girl

Well, now Hannah really isn't a baby anymore. In the weekend we found a new (used, cheap) bed for her. A real bed, and she L O V E S it. And people who know me would say, used and cheap bed.....where is Mette and what have you done with her. Well, I am she, and I am saving money at the moments. You'll never know what the future brings, maybe she will sleep in it for 5 months, maybe 1 year and 5 months. One cannot tell.

Saturday evening we visited Steen and Lene, we ate and I got 5 different kinds of soda, Lene thought that it was important for me not to miss out the fun of different tastes when we ate, so that was kinda fun. We also played Little Big Planet on the PS3, that game is way fun, and I love that we can play 4 people in the same time.

Yesterday I was home with Hannah, she has the cold, actually I think that I felt more sick then she did, ALSO the cold, I hate it, and I hope we will feel good again soon. Sunday evening I took some Vicks cold/flu medicin, it really knocked me out. But when I took it I thought I was going to throw up, it tasted just like the shots I used to have when I was yonger, now I really know why I am not drinking no more, YAK !

TODAY.... IT IS SNOWING......COME ON !! In one week it will be April, where did the spring go ? This is the really one thing I am tired of by living in Denmark, our winter is soooo long,, dark and COLD. Spring, you're welcome to visit us, any time now, please ?? :o)