New domain, new homepage, new ???

The summer is back in Denmark, with degrees close to 30 C we have more heat than all year. I am not gonna enjoy it, I will work 3 doubleshifts this week and 2 normal, and in a total of 60 hours, I really deserve vacation. Then again, if I was a manager in a firm, or just very work-aholic this would be normal procedure. Well, if I should name one "aholic" thing which lays on me, that would be "Shop-aholic" *lol*

Friday I was home with Hannah, she had the fever and slept all day long. Saterday we went down town and had a cup of coffe at a café in Valby, later on we went to get lunch, which actually was brunch on saterday. Later on we took the trip aaaaall the way to Sweeden, where we had a "barbie" with, Anja, Todor and Martin. Yummie, the meat and potatoes was really good.
Yesterday we went to a Chihuahua meeting in "Søndermarken" I think there was about 25-30 Chihuahua's all having fun, but it seems like Fifi plays better with bigger dogs, perhaps because she is not so tiny her self *haha* Oh well, I think she is about 2.2 Kg now, so she is a big an dangerous doggie.