Summer ?

I have no idea what's up with summer ? It's stormy, rainy and about 15-18 C. Last week it rained more in one night compared to what it usually does in a "normal" June.
Well, I'm hanging in there, in less than two months I'm going to move, and hopefully the summer will be warmer and the winters will be white, what more can I dream of, a WHITE Christmas :-)

Well, last Thursday it was time for my birthday present. Christina told me that I should meet her in Copenhagen at 6pm, of course I was looking into, what happens in Copenhagen a Thursday evening starting around 6pm..... WALLMANS ! That was SO great, Tina also got the same gift, which was from Christina and Maria. You guys are the BEST (even though you thought my skirt was for an elderly lady ;-)), what a present, I LOVED it.... And we had the CUTEST waiter *wuhuuu*


Friday it was raining cats and dogs, as one would say in Britain, I was in a bad mood all day, we paid 648 Kroner to go and watch a live concert with James Morrison in Tivoli Garden, oki, with the money there would be a buffet, but James Morrison would sing outside.
Well, I tried to put myself together and I met with Helle and Rina in Tivoli. We had a GREAT evening, the food was sorta oki, the cakes were GREAT and the company were the best ! I was home around midnight and Saturday morning I had to be at work at 7 am.

My mother and Carsten visited to take care of Hannah, HC went to Sweden to attend to a computer party called
Dreamhack. Dreamhack is like 10.000 geekz with their own computers, gaming and listening to technomusic from Saturday morning until Tuesday. WOW, I am SO happy I was working this weeken :-)

Monday I drove to Fr.værk with my ring. I got this "princess ring" from HC on the day after our wedding with a diamond in, when I turned 30 I had it replaced with a bigger stone and the deal is that I can replace it within two years for only the extra cost from the ring with a size B stone to a size C stone, wuhuuu :-)
I drove to Helsinge to visit Sanne for lunch it was great to see her and her kittens are just adorable. Well, I don't know if I can have cats ever again, after we don't have cats in the house Hannah is feeling better, so I don't want to jeopardize her health.

Tuesday Hannah and I went to visit Christina and Marius, Hannah had the best time, she can't say Christina but said "Ninna" a lot :-) We put her to sleep in Marius bed so that was great, she slept for two hours and Christina and I could make Christina a Skype account so that we can use videocall when I move in the fall. She will have to do it early in the morning and I can stay up late, I think it will be difficult in the beginning with the time difference, but I think I will find a way to communicate with my friends back in Denmark :-)
In the evening I went to the movies with Nadia and saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. I really didn't thought it would be good, but it was actually quite funny :-)

Friday I will go to the NNIT Summer party, this summer it's called a Samba party, oki, the music is great, but really a Samba Custume, MOI ?? I don't think so, I still have no idea what I will wear, most people will just wear normal party clothes, maybe I will just do the same, I don't know yet :-) I still have 28 hours to figure that out :)