NO, we are not moving again, ooooh WAIT, we are actually !!

Well, what's that all about ???

We have talked about for quite some time that we wanted to emigrate, to Australia actually, but suddenly I was a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and HC started a Master degree, so because of the crisis in the world, where it might would be difficult for HC to get a job. We thought, what should we do now ? Oh, what the heck, lets move out from our apt. in Valby to a new one in Hvidovre, it seems like we're going to stay in Denmark for a while.
Well, about a month or was it a couple of weeks after we moved I found out that I actually had a chance to go to the states to study, well, not just anywhere, but at Brigham Young University (
BYU) in Provo, Utah.
I've met some GREAT girls here in Denmark, and I have been SO inspired, I talk to their families in the states pretty often, and well...I applied, well knowing that 15.000 other people would apply and the chances, well, they were not too big.

I applied, and as you probably guessed, I GOT IN !!!!

I will start as a freshman (transfer) in August 2009. I have quit my job at NNIT from the end of August (that means there is now a position available *HAHA*) and we are then heading off to Utah.

I've been asked how I can leave my husband, and how he can live without his daughter. Well, to make it short, as HC says, this is a short period of time for the rest of our lives. We'll talk through Skype several times a week, if not every day, and we'll see eachother two to three times a year.
So the next three months should be used packing, throwing out stuff, and packing some more, I need to put our lives down to 152 kg, or maybe to that plus 1m3, we haven't really figured that out yet.


And if you're not so much into where all the states are located, here's a map. We will be living in the almost "Nothern Utah" , probably someplace between Salt Lake City and Provo.

Provo, UT - New York City, NY: 2.189 Miles (3523 km)
Provo, UT - Beaufort, SC: 2.180 Miles (3508 km)
Provo, UT - Orlando, FL: 2.333 Miles (3755 km)
Provo, UT - Las Vegas, NV: 380 Miles (612 km)
Provo, UT - Los Angeles, CA: 647 Miles (1041 km)
Provo, UT - Denmark, 16 hours flight !


BYU Campus from Above


Y mountain.... I can't WAIT to see this for real :)


Mount Timpanogus

What's more to say, well we gave our landlord his 3 months notice, the plane-tickets are ordered and paid for. So now there is only one thing more to say........

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