Oh My Heck

I was taught this phrase from Allison, woops sorry, Sister Liljenquist when she visited tonight - I LOVE IT.

I just have to write down these small parts from our life. This evening when we was done eating, Hannah took her cup, and carried it to the dishwasher, opened it and put it in, all right ! It is so fun that she really wants to help around the house. Oki, it is not that sweet when she yesterday took the cats food, and throw it out on the floor, actually I was able ask her to put it all back in the bowl again, but when she started, I was thinking of Cinderella, and I helped her clean up the mess :-)

Tomorrow I will try to work from home for the first time in this company, just short, but it's a start- Tomorrow evening HC and I will go to the theater, to watch Phantom of the Opera, I am really looking forward to that. Christina will take care of Hannah, I sure hope she will behave and be good to baby Marius :)