My countdown has started. 12 days to takeoff. The birthday sunday was very good, Amalie got such great presents, and Hannah showed us what she wanted, her favorite was a Fisherprice “money” pig, sweet indeed. Yesterday we went to see Hancock in Imperial, my folks took care of Hannah. The movie was great, and I think I would like to buy it when it is out on dvd. I also got the last season of sex and the city yesterday, and started on the 5’th season on the movie, great show, why didn’t I see that earlier ? Tonight HC, Hannah and I will be the new models of Denmark, ok maybe not of Denmark, but we will have pictures taken from to put put out on, so sure that will be lots of fun. What’s with the English - well I think I should practise, I only scored 6.5 on the IELTS test, and should I take it again, which I will NOT I would like to get a 9, which is the highest grade. Oh well, please sent me an e-mail if I repeat the same mistake over and over again, or you simply have some good advice how to improve my English. YES I KNOW, read some of my favorite books in English :-)