The past month

So I guess I am not as active blogging that I should be. I can’t believe how busy school is, in between homework, quizzes, essays, midterms and Hannah I really don’t have time for anything. I have promised myself that I will be more organized next semester. Well, I blame this semester on that I haven’t been a student since 2002 and that I really admire young people in school.
What have I been up too, well first of all I had the best three weeks with the visit from both Patrica and Isabel. Our trip to Vegas and LA was great, we went to the beach and saw the beach house from Beverly Hills 90210. We also shopped in Santa Monica, went to Disneyland and went to Walk of Fame in Hollywood.
I had midterms when we got back, so I was busy for two weeks, and then I decided to go back to LA with Hannah. Our trip started good, but a third on our way Hannah got sick and threw up all over the car, it was not a pleasant experience I must say, I had to stop for 45 minutes and clean up Hannah and the car, we stopped at a garage, no one was there, there were no water, no garbage can or anything, just an empty shop. We just had our wipes and a little water in a bottle.
She continued being sick on the rest of the ride, I had her sitting up front with me, so that I could rub her feet while driving, yes I know, not safe, but she liked it :)
When we finally got there she was better and we went straight to bed. The next morning she was fine and we went to Disneyland. We stayed there for about 3-4 hours, just tried a few rides and saw the Playhouse Disney show, I was a bit disappointed, because I had hoped they would have a different show than in Paris, but no no, I had to listen to the same 30 minutes show about Minnies birthday party :) Hannah loved it, so it was definitely worth it. After an expensive lunch (18 dollars to feed us in Disneyland, it would have been 10 dollars outside the park.), well we went to the beach, at first we drove to Malibu, but that is primary for surfers and it didn’t look like that we could find a playground for Hannah. So we went to Santa Monica, walked down the boardwalk to Venice beach, it was great, I LOVE Santa Monica, I can’t explain if it is only the beach or the people, the life..... the sun, the weather was great, we had about 27 C.
Sunday we should leave, I had school Monday, but in the night I got sick, oooh so sick, I didn’t know what to do, I had no food for Hannah, so I called the reception and asked if they could help me, I was too sick to do anything, but my daughter needed food. The receptionist was so kind to me, she bought Hannah some bagels with creamcheese, so she ate those and we had plenty of water. I was in bed until 2p and then I was starting to feel better. Hannah was great, she knew that I was sick, so she just watched the Disney Channel and when I went to the bathroom and throw up (sorry for all the details) she would go out there and hand me a piece of paper so that I could wipe my mouth :) Just like I had done with her two days before.
She gave me lots of hugs and kisses and well, she was SO good.
We went out to a mall to get some lunch later, but it actually took 4 days before I could eat normal again.

Well, now it’s november, and we are on the middle of the midterms yet again. I needed ONE more question right to get an A in my Marriage and Family class, oh well, a B+ must do it, however, I hope to Ace it to the final.

I got some really serious problems in my BOM class, I love the BOM but MAN, it is SOOOO hard, luckily I have a great TA, she is really helping me (I didn’t make it easier on myself to take this course as an Honor class), but well, I hope I can pass the class with a C or maybe even a B, that would be awesome. :)

I am failing my American Heritage, but on purpose, I go in and take the exam and just answer like I feel like in 15 minutes. I don’t wanna not show up, but I don’t have the time to study for this class, and because I am an International Student I can’t drop the class because I will be below the required credit hours. I plan to take the course again next fall, that leaves me all summer to read the material, and study John Adams, the constitution and well all that other stuff which is in the class.

So this was a bit about my classes, what’s else going on. Not much really I am too busy. Well actually I was invited to go to see Disney on Ice this evening, in the VIP sections, YAY, that will be so much fun. Shelley suggested that Hannah should wear a princess dress, but there is no way that my girl is growing up as a princess, haha, I love the princess dresses and I love to watch Amber and Karli dress up as princesses, or being updated on Amalie and how she loves all princess and girl stuff. But really, I remember how my father raised me, not all that girlie stuff, being a girl is nice, wearing a dress is nice, walking around with the baby doll in the stroller is nice, but what I also like is that my girl also LOVES Buzz Lightyear, she LOVES cars, Lego and Brio. She loves drawing, like a real girl she loves clothes. But not necessarily dresses, as long as she can try it on right away.

In 2 weeks my midterms will be done, in 5 weeks the semester will be over, that is crazy. I am actually thinking about going on another roadtrip to California over the Thanksgiving break. I was thinking of touring from San Francisco and then down the highway to Los Angeles. Since we don’t like being out to much when it’s dark I could easily study in the evenings and in the day we could enjoy the California sun.