Saying goodbye

Today we had to say goodbye to Biddie, Bill and Skylar. Hopefully we will see them soon again. I went to see the old houses in Beaufort, and saw also the house that Demi More rented while she taped in G.I Jane, on the pictures, that is the house with the "Keep away" signs in front of it.
We drove at noon for 5.5 hours down to Orlando, and checked in to our hotel, it is a very nice hotel, unfortunately when we got here and I took Hannah for a ride in the elevator her hand got stuck in between the doors in the elevator, you know, when the doors opens, her hand when down INSIDE the place where the doors go :-( Poor baby, she screamed and cried :-( I felt so bad, it was just a split second, the elevator was not as safe as home in Denmark, this would never have happened in our building. Well, after 15 minutes she seemed to be oki, but we still made a report at the hotel, and if there seems to be any problems they will pay for us to see the hospital, and the insurance will cover for up to 6 weeks after the accident, so we should be covered in, And Hannah, well she seems oki, the hand is a little bit bigger, but not much,and she grab things again.

Tonight we went to Disney Downtown, saw all the stores, listened to some live music on the street and just walked around. Tomorrow we will buy our passes for Disneyland and Universal, the sell them here at the hotel. Disneyworld, 3 parks 3 days for $99, but because we are from Denmark, we can't buy them, we have to pay $80 a day for ONE park. The $99 is when you get an offer from a timeshare, and because of the Danish protection of this, we are not welcome to any of the meetings AND the bait *smile*