The Day After


Yesterday I was baptized, I was pretty nervous, but what is really to get nervous about, 30 people looking at me get into deep deep water, wearing a dress which could be difficult to get under water. Well, I managed with Lars' help (Lars is Patricia's dad and the one who baptized me) So today I was official a member of the church. Well I don't think it will change who I am, but I am sure that a lot of people will find my decision strange.
I took Hannah to the relief Society meeting today, she was having a blast in Kindergarden, but when I showed my face she wanted to come with me, as the picture showed she properly should have stayed in Kindergarten, that is more fun :-)

At christmas we were in Jutland to visit my mom and Carsten. We arrived on the 24'th and hadlunch with my Great grandparents, that was really nice seeing them again, and Hannah had so much fun playing with great great granddad, and she was doing puzzles with great great grandmom. In the evening we were just the 5 of us, having a typical Danish Christmas dinner, we put Hannah to sleep and HC and my mom was a bit restless since we agreed in LAST year that we would make it a new decision to open our presents in the morning the 25'th. But they managed and it was such a joy watching Hannah open her gifts the next morning, she went to the tree and got the presents for all of us.

Hannah is being so sweet to help in the house, for as much as a 20 month old girl can do. But she can help clean up her room, put her chair on the right place after she used it, actually she sometimes take the chair to get something on the kitchen table, but right after she took what she wanted she put her chair right back.
She also knows where the trash goes, so if she for example eats a tiny bag of candy or raisins she will put the trash in the trash-bag in the kitchen, she must have watched us do it :-) So now we will start letting her putting on her own plate for dinner, even though the table is a bit high.

The next week is vacation for HC and Hannah, I will work, except wednesday and thursday.