Band Score 7

Well, yesterday I got my testresult from my IELTS exam I took last week A band score 7, I am SO relieved, did not expect to do that well. My worst part was reading where I got 6.5, but common really, who on earth reads an article written for archaeologists about how "writing" was invented, well I only do that when I have too, thats for sure.
Well, I am DONE YEA !!!

Friday Maja visited me, we wanted to play Sattlers from Zarahemla, but she helped me with some essays, and suddenly it was pretty late and she had brunch the next morning, and I had work.

Sunday was Baby Marius babtism it was a fine day even though I must say that I was not impressed with the church or the very personal prayers the priest said (sarcasm....she was reading them from a book)
But we had a nice day, and Marius was as usual the sweetest little boy.

Monday Martin visited us, again we wanted to play, but then he asked stuff about the church and we looked in the book of mormon to find different stuff, I showed him familysearch, and he said it was a good thing to be a celebrity, because they would also have been baptized, HAHAHA, and he was right. Hans Chirstian Andersen was baptized in 2002 :-) But hey, he should be family to me, I better do my family tree so you can see :-)

Yesterday I got a new task at work, I have to take care of the duty roster for the extra shifts, in the normal days there wont be much work, but in the summer there will probably be a bit more, well, I'm exited about it, and think I'm gonna like it.

Yesterday Nadia stopped by, we ate and then we just talked, at 9.45 we were both so tired, and almost a sleep, Nadia went home and I crashed.

Today I am taking a double shift, it's now 8 pm and I will go home at 11. Tomorrow I will be back at work 7.30 am *sigh*