Once a breeder always a breeder

It seems like I will be a breeder again. I got Oliver from Signes last litter and Ildfugl back from Mette (Meroba) after we returned to Denmark. I was told that Ildfugl MAYBE was pregnant, but she didn't know for sure. Oh if she was I thought it would be in a while, but SURPRISE today after I took Hannah to Kindergarden I returned back home to a cat who had been given birth to a wonderful blacktabby/white male.
I am sitting here, browsing "tylenol.com" they have this drug against a cold, the one drug we have in Denmark, not the other two, what ios wrong with Denmark, don't they know that people hate to be sick ?
Oooooh I wish I had a Walmart in the backyard, or just a mile away. No, actually I wish I could spend the next 7 months in South Carolina wearing maximum a small coat in the evening.
Why, because of THIS is how the weather will be looking for the next 7 months, the temperatures will just go further down from now.

page4_blog_entry20_1 The weather in Denmark for the next 7 months, it WILL get colder.