Today we went for the Premium Outlet 1 hour north from New York City, it was HUGE, there are about 220 stores, and we did not see them all, or even walked pass them all. In the end of the day we said, lets find a Wall-mart and get some diapers for Hannah. We also found Ben&Jerry’s Ice Cream, a bucket which in Denmark is $11 was only $3 here, so HC made an announcement - I wanna live in the US, where Ben & Jerry’s are so cheap, and every portions of candy, soda and EVERYTHING comes in big, bigger and BIGGEST, expect the clothing, HC is now a size "large" - in Denmark he is XL, haha..... So, when I bought a tee in a size 4, he HAD to remind me that he was also in a size smaller than he used too :-)
Of course our dinner to night was Ben & Jerry's, well, just before we left the outlet center, we had some chinese, just had to mention so you know that Hannah is still getting fed with healthy food, AND Ben&Jerrys *lol*

We have discussed our further trip this evening, was thinking about canceling Florida, and drive into the country after visiting Biddie & Bill, but we don't think there is so much to see, and Dallas, New Orleans or anything else is to far away. So we still think we will go for Orlando next week :-)