You must remember this

a kiss is just a kiss..... Ooooh, I had some trouble with what I should name the title, and the melody was playing inside my head.

Skylar Jr. the kitten is doing fine, he is growing and growing. Saterday to Sunday he was alone with his mom and Oliver, Oliver is now a baby kitten again, gets food from Ildfugl, but I Skylar is gaining weight so I guess it's oki, and maybe they can be close so it's not to hard on being the only kitten in the litter. Well yesterday Ildfugl and Oliver was eating, and I took up Skylar, he started to scream, it was not Ildfugl who jumped down to take care of him, noooo it was Oliver, so it's sort of a funny relationship they will have I think.

In the weekend we visited Thomas and Siri in Aalborg, Christian and Ronja came for dinner at night, it was nice to meet her (Ronja) :)) and it was always good to see Thomas and Siri. Hannah had a great time, even though she wanted to play with the cats a little to much, and their cats are not ready to a 1.5 year old girl full of energy.

Well, it's getting late, I will go home (HEY, I was here before 6 am this morning :)) pickup Hannah from kindergarten and tonight Nadia will join me the for newest episodes of 90210.