The Phantom in the hair straightener

It should have been "The Phantom of the opera but it turned out to be ""The Phantom in the hair straightener", because Hannah's hand was caught in between my hair straightener , so she cried and cried. We decided not to go to the theater, and instead we stayed home with her. She was ok after a while, she understood the concept of the cold water in the bucket.
Today I am working from 7.30 am until 11 pm, it will be a long day, but tomorrow I can sleep in, at least until 9, because Liljenquist and Caroll will be at my place a 10, helping me translating an essay from Danish to English, eventually I will be better with the grammar ...I HOPE :)
But still, please mail me with ideas of improvements.
Tomorrow evening I will go to a café with Anne Dorthe, she is leaving for Brisbane in 2 weeks and will be gone for 8 months, I keep telling her that she will end up marrying a guy from downunder, lets see in about 8 months.


Hannah 2 hours after the action, eating dinner with one hand in a bucket