What have I been up too

Well, I really don't know where the autumn has gone. We came home from Holiday, and suddenly it's Christmas, I really don't understand anything. As I wrote Ildfugl got a kitten, and it was very nice to have a kitten in the house again, Hannah loved him, she put him in boxes and he was so sweet. He found a new home, and moved there when he was 12 weeks old.
I was thinking of selling Oliver, but I never got to put him up for sale, and he is soooo cute, so now he is staying.

Hannah is getting really big, or so to speak, she is still the same size as she was this summer I think *lol* but she can do so much more. She doesn't speak much, but yesterday she put on her winterboots herself. And when I was helping her cleaning up the room the other night, she suddenly stopped putting her books into the box, and started to turn them face-up. I did NOT teach her to keep so much order :-) But it was sweet, I tested her with putting the books backside up, and she turned all 3 with the right side, the 4'th book I put in the box she was oki with, George the Curious was on top :)

22'th of October we lost a loving friend, Ulrik. Ulrik did not have an easy life, but it was really hard to loose him, and I hope we will all think back with all the smile he gave us.

Saturday I went to Time Square, the missionaries from the church were singing so I went and took some pictures of them, and of course listened to their beautiful singing. After I met with Rina in Tivoli, but the light was not good for pictures, and the lightshow down the water was 3 hours ahead, so we decided to meet back after Christmas and then take some pictures. I have ordered a remote to my camera, and maybe I can find a not to expensive tripod as well, otherwise I must ask Rina if I can borrow hers one more time :)